Raw. Soulful. Luminous. Real.

  • Utilizing fine art principles and a photojournalistic bent towards spontaneity, I work with my clients to co-create artwork that represents them authentically. Finding beauty in the unique, personal, and raw, I want to creatively and honestly capture the essence of each individual, family, or business I work with.

  • My photography is informed by therapeutic principles, body-positivity, unconditional positive regard, feminism, and collaborative practice. I apply this to my work with families and businesses just as much as my studio work.

  • My past careers include social work clinician and researcher (with special focus on oncology and autism), theatrical designer, cosmetologist, and co-founder of Nido Durham Coworking + Childcare

  • Boudoir: I specialize in the celebration of inclusive femininity. believe that photography has the potential to serve as a radical act of self-discovery and acceptance, exploration, and empowerment.

  • Professional: As a Durham native and entrepreneur, I feel passionate about supporting Durham businesses, women, and families.

  • Family: I honor the authentic moments of connection, affection, and play and will always pursue that over technically perfect photos!

  • Workshops: I frequently employ alternative processing techniques, like gold leaf on vellum, to engage creativity, enhance intuition, and reveal innate beauty. I occasionally offer workshops on these methods.

All images published belong to Elisabeth Tyroler.