Model Call


Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in my model call!

I’m working on an upcoming gallery exhibition and need to expand my body of work. My last show focused on a commission from a friend of mine, Catherine, who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and most of my images were of her. This time around, I’d like to add some more models to the collection. I use a technique of applying metal leaf (gold, silver, and copper) behind photographs printed on vellum, an unpredictable process prone to wrinkles, dimples, and cracks. The intent is to highlight and honor the raw, real, soulful, and honest by holding up a golden mirror, allowing folks to see themselves with the same lens of unconditional positive regard that we bestow on our dearest friends.

My goal is not just to show my models that they are inherently beautiful; it is to collaborate with them in an exploration of their own sense of beauty, shifting the paradigm away from beauty as desirability, towards a framework of agency, celebration, and intentional construct of identity. I tend to feature photos of my models celebrating the serenity of exposure, finding confidence in claiming their own version of sensuality.

As in all of my photographic endeavors, the experience is as important as the completed piece. Catherine and I collaborated in each aspect of the creative process, from the concept to its realization as an image, and decisions during each session were made in partnership. I would like to refine and elaborate on this process going forward.

Models will be selected based on availability, alignment of values, intuition, and possibly just a random draw depending on level of interest.

Schedule: Sessions will take place over the first few weeks of July.

Requirements: Looking for all colors, sizes, genders, and gender expressions. Models must be willing to allow me to exhibit their photos and be willing to sign a model release..

Compensation: 8x10 print, digital image, OR agreed upon hourly rate. Additional images may be purchased, but are not included in contract.

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