Local Resources:

Babywearing International of the Triangle

Little Bee Birth Partner Rebozo Connection


Facebook Resources: 

BWI-Triangle  - meeting times, ask educators questions, find local used carriers for sale.

Babywearing 102 - so many great conversations about babywearing.

Babywearing Swap - a great source for purchasing pre-owned carriers, especially wraps.

Babywearing on a Budget - similar to the Swap, but all carriers are less than $100.

Lis Tyroler Photography - I frequently post photos of myself and other local parents babywearing and can answer questions


Video Resources

Babywearing Faith - She offers incredible, clear instruction on a variety of different wrapping techniques

Wrapping Rachel - Another favorite educator

Favorite Videos - My own playlist of favorite videos


Other Online Resources

My Pinterest - lots of safety infographics

Babywearing International


Wrap Your Baby

Wrap Size Chart

Why Choose a Babywearing Consultant?

Please contact me for information or an appointment for a one on one, in-home consultation.